It’s Winter time here in Europe and knowing how extremely busy, life can be especially here in the UK, I always feel for MUMS who have to juggle between being a wife, being a mother, work, running a business, studying and other important aspects of this life we are leading these days. 

Life can be busy with the children, school runs, work, business , family and all those nitty gritties of life. Obviously, a busy lifestyle is inevitable because we are all trying to make a living and everyone is busy trying this and that so they can earn a good living. This busy life can take its toll on you and leave you feeling like just throwing in the towel at times. 

So for days when you feel so exhausted and clueless on what to cook and haven’t got time on your hands, every mum’s best friend steps in….. The Slow Cooker!! 

With a slow cooker, you can simply make all-in-one stews, you can simply throw in your meat cutlets, onions, tomatoes, carrots all sorts of vegetables and leave the slow cooker to do the rest. It does make life so much easier in that you don’t have to stick around whilst it cooks. For example in the evenings after you have just got in from work or school during the midweek  , or on Sundays after dinner, it’s easy to just prepare your meat and vegetables, throw them in the slow cooker and simply nip away and catch up with laundry, house cleaning, relaxing without having the hop in and out of the kitchen, assisting the kids with homework while the slow cooker simmers away that stew for the next day (after all nothing beats a stew that was prepared the day before and left allowing all the ingredients to intertwine creating a fusion of flavours. 

Curries are great for winter

Whenever I talk to busy mums, I always recommend a slow cooker because it really does make life so easy. And when the kids come in from school, feeling hungry, there’s always something homecooked and healthy to serve them instead of those awful takeaways which we all normally resort to when we can’t think of anything to cook.

Slow Cooked Goat Meat with potatoes

Nicely cooked hearty stews which can be enjoyed with rice, garlic bread, French sticks or just steamed vegetables or a side salad.It only takes throwing in your best ingredients and let the slow cooker do the job. With a slow cooker, you can prepare successfully whole chickens,lamb shanks, oxtail, lentil stews, beans and hundreds of other great easy and healthy dishes.  

Lamb Shanks

So there you have it, time to take out that mum’s best friend and start using it to make life so much easier!!
Beef Stew