Millet Porridge

Finger Millet Meal Porridge

Serves 2-3 people
1 cup millet meal
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 to 1 tablespoon butter
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoon sugar or honey


1. Boil water in an electric hug, meanwhile, in a medium sized saucepan add the millet meal and add about one cup of cold water. Stir in until well combined with the millet.
2. When the water in the electric jug is ready, transfer saucepan on the hob on medium heat and then pour the hot water (roughly about a cup) in the millet stirring well.
3. Continue stirring after pouring the water until the mixture starts to cook/ bubbling at the same time.
4. If mixture is too thick you can add more water until its in a porridge consistent that you prefer. Leave to cook for 20-25munutes.
5. To add flavour to the porridge, add a knob of butter, milk and honey or sugar then stir in vigorously. Leave to cook on low heat for a further 5-10munutes and then serve whilst still hot.


When my holiday finished, I had to rampage through my sister’s pantry and take everything I could carry!! Her and her husband are farmers even though they live in the city. Last year they had tonnes and tonnes of maize. They had to take some of it to GMB because the harvest was bountiful. The other year they did groundnuts (peanuts) and harvested bags and bags of nuts. My sister ended up making homemade peanut butter and began selling it… Anyway I found this millet meal in her pantry ,unfortunately my luggage had gone way over, so I had to leave some stuff behind. That moment when you end up leaving clothes and shoes just to fit in your home grown goodies😂😃….. Decided to make Zviyo porridge this morning.Hope you will try out the recipe.