Back in 2001 in Harare,I knew a man from our local church who had no job, nothing to feed his family and in a very hopeless situation. He had gone to university, attained a degree and never managed to secure a job. One day during church service, our senior Pastor called him and spoke to him.He said,’Go to Mbare Musika, buy a few baskets of fruit and vegetables and bring them’.It must have been a Monday morning like this, that he brought the produce and the senior Pastor prayed and blessed him. He started as a street vendor and a few months down the line he bought an open truck and started selling his fruit and veg in the back of the truck.He began to park the car just around 4pm on the busiest roads where most people from work will be passing by on their way home. In an hour the truck would be empty all produce sold. In a year he had become successful and bought his first home. When I last heard about him, he had bought a plot and had started growing his own fruit and vegetables supplying to supermarkets right there in Zimbabwe.. The lesson here is no-matter what your qualification is, sometimes your success does not lie in the educational side of things, it’s in the work of your hands. It’s also the little businesses or jobs we look down upon that actually has a pathway to our success. 2015 is a year we ought to do something different, something we have never done before!!!