Zimbabwe is no doubt blessed with some of the most beautiful women across the country and across the borders. Statistically, researchers all over the world agree to the fact that Zimbabwe is one African country that is home to the most beautiful African women. To attribute to their beauty, Zimbabwean women are among some of the most intelligent and well educated women also in the world, so whichever way you want to put this, let’s just say we still have a basket of beauty and brains though we lost the bread basket a long time ago.

Beauty has nothing to do with skin colour or shape or size.Remember some of the queens who won Miss World were so dark skinned and strikingly beautiful, so it’s a shame that our generation asserts that someone is beautiful on the basis of their skin colour particularly those that are light skinned and also on size.

So here is our choice of some of the Most Beautiful Women of Zimbabwe right now. If we were to include everyone on this list, it would probably take years to compile the list as Zimbabwe is really blessed with many many beautiful women. So in ‘NO PARTICULAR ORDER’….


She is a Content Creator, YouTuber and of course a fashionista! Because of her curves, beauty and sense of fashion, I don’t think she minds if we dub her the Zimbabwean Amber Rose. So chic, so confident, endowed from top to bottom and naturally beautiful.


She’s always giving us the Kelly Rowland vibes to be pretty honest, her beauty radiates so brightly through her long face, big eyes and that long sculpted face. She’s a beauty blogger and has worked and represented many clothing brands in the U.K. She has the most flawless dark brown skin and her fashion sense and style seriously leave us jaw dropped each time we come across her pictures.


She is a Zimbabwean model, award winner, TV presenter at Mtv base and is currently based in South Africa. Besides her soaring career ,having been part of a Revlon Campaign in the past , Kim is beautiful, elegant, stylish , sophisticated and simply a breath of fresh air.

She’s a Fashion stylist and has even went on to style Cher Lloyd, Stormzy , Anthony Joshua and many other big names. We gracefully embrace this bombshell as her dark skin tone has proved that beauty is skin deep. The Catwalk should get ready for this beauty as we believe -given the chance; she will conquer the runways with those stunning looks and banging body.


She is the queen of the stage and one of our well celebrated biggest Female Artist in the Zimbabwean Music industry . . She was named ‘Best Female Southern Africa’. The African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) .Her beauty and banging body accentuates her electrifying dances that she displays whenever she takes on the stage to perform. We just love our beautiful and talented songbird Miss Brown.


She’s barely noticed and not well known due to her husband’s unconquerable spotlight who happens to be one of the biggest Artist in Zimbabwe (Exq Papi aka Mr Putiti), but Mandisa’s striking beauty is so unmissable and intriguing.


is a chic fashionista a chartered accountant and owner of Blush Maison, an online fashion shop based in London. Memory (Doopie on Instagram) is a full package ; mostly known for her mesmerising beauty, that heart melting smile and those excellently white teeth alongside her high fashion sense sprinkled with tonnes of glitz and glam


Michelle is a content creator /makeup artist/ teacher and fitness enthusiast. Her beauty and class is to be behold! So reserved yet so strikingly beautiful and definitely a sight for sore eyes!


She’s a fashion icon, business woman with a line of her own designed sunglasses. Besides her love for fashion, glitz and glam, you can’t help but notice how so stunning and beautiful Lee is. So graceful, so colourful and so reserved. When we talk of elegant women of Zimbabwe, Lee definitely shatters the scales! We just love her.


This beautiful bombshell had to make it on this list. She’s a T.V host, media personality and has appeared on BET, Essence and on the red carpet alongside some of the biggest Celebrities in Hollywood. We could just call her the Natural Queen because of her style, even her hair speaks a story of where she belongs and how so proud she is of where she came from. Keep flying and representing the Zimbabwean flag our beautiful girl.


Beautiful skin, tall and strikingly gorgeous is this CEO of companies and the brains behind NaturElle skin products. Ellen is a sight to behold with her unmissable beauty and her sense of humour.


She’s a super model, an actress and t.v personality and having worked with some big names of Nigeria, it’s no doubt Vimbai has represented Zimbabwe so well. Her dark chocolate skin, perfectly chiselled jawline and high cheekbones can simply melt your heart. In a nutshell she’s a winning package


From being in the medical field and saving lives, making brides beautiful for their big day, to being a music vixen , this beautiful bombshell definitely had to make it on our list! She has the most flawless skin, banging body,stunning smile and beautiful looks that are all to die for.


She’s the brains behind Ndanaka,a popular skincare and hair brand in Zimbabwe. Carol advocates for use of natural products hence the brand Ndanaka and even herself, she is a natural beauty with or without makeup, flawless skin, beautiful eyes and a smile to stop the traffic as well as the most beautiful natural mane of hair. Her style is natural, sophisticated and she has taught us that less is definitely more!


She is the Ex -UK Big Brother Housemate, T.V personality, media personality and a fitness fanatic. We have witnessed Makosi soaring so high from hosting her own t.v show to being a philanthropist but her beauty still strikes all of us to this day. This beautiful queen has taught us that beauty is natural but as a woman, you got to do your own part to keep the radiance and the dazzle from the food you eat to the work you put in when it comes to exercise. Those beautiful big eyes, radiant skin, well chiseled white teeth and that killer smile are some of the main features why she had to make it on our list.