10 Most Eligible Zimbabwean Bachelors On Instagram

Whether they are already hooked and in committed relationships, as long as we don’t see that shiny circle of commitment on their ring finger,then we consider them to be Bachelors!

Lately, we’ve been noticing the rise on Instagram,some of Zimbabwe’s most eligible and hardworking Bachelors and this has left us thrilled and captivated to see more of what they are sharing with us on Social Media.

So we’ve been following these Bachelors up and here they are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER…


Clad in formal wear;Suit and tie, the young Bachelor graces our Insta stories with his daily videos of him being in the office working or chatting with a handful of his work colleagues. Working in the Real Estate World, In Law and being a Model, Sasha has dominated these areas so well and it is no doubt the guy has not only got brains but has an impeccable sense of style and flare that leaves us marvelling and mesmerised. You want a man who is brainy and yet stylish and most probably works very smart…then ladies…Sasha maybe your person. (Instagram ;https://instagram.com/mrsashajameson?igshid=6me82cf3qtge)


Happens to be Founder and Owner of Kumusha Wines. From working in collaborations with some high-end Restaurants in food production;coupling certain dishes with a particular wine, and tasting food and wine combinations is the day to day schedule for this one bachelor who happens to be a father of two. His Instagram account makes us so hungry and so thirsty as it is a combination of fresh looking dishes and super fine wines and not to forget the leisurely side of lifestyle this bachelor tends to enjoy on some of his business escapades. Clear blue waters, clear blue skies, beautiful plates of food and fine wine glasses that’s this gentleman here. (Instagram;https://instagram.com/tinashe_nyamudoka?igshid=qp55y496kkx8)


We’ve been to Mars and back but we’ve not yet met anyone who mixes style, class, elegance and hard-work all in one pot like Craig does! With this lavish lifestyle of Craig Zoowie, it’s hard to break it all down, but we will try….from Fashion Styling to Luxury Events Designs & Decor and the constant love of a glass of bubbly by the side, this gentleman is truly living his best life. His sense of style reminds us of a Neyo (the artist) on the red carpet but with a clean and edgy well neatened element.With fedora, trilby or stockman hats coupled with statement sunglasses, slim fit trousers and maybe a checkered blazer, a crispy white shirt finished off with a bow tie, is normally the order of the week in terms of fashion for Craig. Besides his high-end taste in fashion, Zoowie also has the magic touch when it comes to styling events from weddings, corporate parties to soirées. You just have to follow him to understand how talented this bachelor is! Truly a force to be reckoned with. (Instagram; https://instagram.com/craigzoowieofficial?igshid=1cs943hou3vws)


I joked once with David pointing out how, one minute he is dealing with tailors in some factory and dining in Michelin starred restaurants then a few hours later he is at home feeding chickens, picking freshly hatched eggs and counting baby chickens…. Yes, this Photoshop Master aka The Graphic Designer, Business Consultant & Visual Artist has kept most of us wondering what else is in his bag of tricks because we cannot keep up with his ever busy yet sophisticated lifestyle. Looking dapper in suits and flashing expensive looking watches, David has worked with some big brands in the UK and we won’t go into detail on his Artistic side as we’ve seen him replacing even Obama on some White House Portrait Pictures and simply photoshopping himself on there. And all these tricks has even gotten Rihanna.. Yes, Miss Fenty following him on Insta. Big deal or no big deal, all we know is, he must be doing something right! (Instagram; https://instagram.com/davidzinyama?igshid=kp5t2pn9hslo) (Instagram ;https://instagram.com/mrzinyama?igshid=1pyvwu0nloxzf)


All we know is the husbands-to-be that let Kevin aka Kevin The Wedding Planner, help their brides shop for wedding gowns, must be very brave!! The young handsome -looking guy is always looking like he is about to go on the Versace runway, from well fitted trousers and blazers, some exclusive pair of shoes, a fresh looking cut, looking rather professional and composed, we all have been following his Insta Stories avidly. Showing us,through his insta stories ,some amazing wedding sites in Zimbabwe and taking us on his whirlwind travels and wedding planning diaries, we have sometimes wondered if he will ever do a reality show showing us his day to day hectic lifestyle. Kevin is part of the VIP Hosting, an Events Styling Company that is based in Zimbabwe and now branched into South Africa. For any future couples looking to tie the knot , need extensive help with wedding planning or throwing a luxury bash, Kevin is your person and yes ladies….he will help you choose your dress if your aunties let you down last minute, oh infact he’ll put your whole wedding outfit for you together and that of the groom to be too, he is that good. (Instagram; https://instagram.com/kevinweddingplanner?igshid=8zjwcudcc2o6)


Known for his styling voluminous and effortlessly chic hair, some even dabbed him the lash King , Craig is one of our favorite Gentleman to follow. Craig will take your impoverished lashes and turn them into 3D voluminous lashes that will even stop the traffic….He is a hard worker, he is his own Boss, owning the popular Craig’s Salon located in Avondale Harare. He has done magic on most of our well known Zim-Celebrities, getting them all red-carpet-worthy! Besides his blooming career/business, Craig’s love for fashion & his overall sense of style is rather palatable and sophisticated. From Tight fitted shirts and trousers, tassel loafers and slim fit blazers, well kept locks , topped with some ray bans are some of this gentleman’s favourite picks. Instagram;https://instagram.com/craig_rain?igshid=l7ul2h7zbmcb)


First time I met Ivor was at an African Bloggers Event that was held at Facebook HQ in London. I didn’t know him then and he introduced himself together with his team…Ivor is the brains behind CheckoutAfrica a brand /Instagram account with over 190,000 followers. At CheckOutAfrica their main focus is to raise awareness to the African culture through fashion, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, and talent development. However, besides being a media maven, Ivor tends to dish out marketing/media nuggets now and again and if you miss it that’s it. By following this guy, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two on how to make money while sitting on your computer, from social media management, content creation and how to dish out content that attracts certain demographics…. (Instagram;https://instagram.com/ivormoyo?igshid=11v68ezv23rkm) (Instagram; https://instagram.com/checkoutafrica?igshid=1gccrszo6nclr)


From Being a TV presenter for South African Channel Etv to being an Actor and then having a whole squad attending to him when he is shooting as a model, we can only wonder how Tino juggles all this and still manage to stay super fit in his strict gym regime almost every morning. The young bachelor has all the ladies drooling as he graces the timelines of Instagram with his cheeky smile….fresh looking cut accompanied with a caption to lighten any day. We are still trying to find out more about Tino but one thing for sure is, he sets Instagram on fire everytime he posts something and we like it like that. (Instagram; https://instagram.com/tino_chinyani?igshid=4ya9th9xouxa)


His Instagram is nothing but a drooling point for our girls as his content and his sense of style is rather impeccable and modish. Clad in jeans, polo necks , slim fitted shirts, denims and looking rather sculpted and svelte is the order of the day in Zviko’s Instagram posts. Not to forget that clean hair cut and shave, we are almost convinced he visits his barber every morning. Having been in the modelling industry for a while now, this gentleman has worked with a number of brands in Zimbabwe including House Of Gentleman Zim. His fitness regime is insane and those who follow him know what we are on about. (Instagram ; https://instagram.com/zviko_motsi?igshid=170jttoji5jjv)


He is a Multi-Award Winning Model, a Radio and T.V host and Journalist. This Radio host’s fashion sense captivates us, from suits and bow ties, laid back casual looks and of course those killer poses he probably adopted from his years of modelling. Apart from his hot looks that are unmissable, Timothy’s calm, cool and collected demeanour infuses confidence and that is why his profile is so striking and noticeable. (Instagram;https://instagram.com/sekurutimothyhogo?igshid=otmkq71iye3e)