Baked Butternut Squash with Minced Beef & Cheese


Schools are open and for most mums, it can be a trying time as the schedules get hectic, the kids and the entire family needs attention, you also need to get yourself round what everyone is doing, the school runs, the dinners, I mean, it can get to be too much but hang in there, it’s only a matter of time. Things will settle into place and everything will be under control.

With busy schedules, it can also mean no or less time to prepare good dinners for kids hence most people end up shoving fish fingers & chips dinners in the oven, 2-3times a week. So I’ve decided to share an easy but scrumptious dinner that will get your kids dancing around the kitchen in anticipation.

All you need for this recipe are good sized butternut squashes , minced meat and cheese….oh and yes a big pair of hands to add up to the fun (so the Dads can join in)

Here is the full recipe below


2 butternut squashes washed & halved lengthwise

500g (or more) minced beef

250g cheddar cheese grated

1 medium onion chopped

3 cloves garlic crushed

3 medium sized chopped tomatoes

1/4 cup passatta tomatoes

1 spring onion chopped

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon paprika

2-3 Tbsp Oil or melted butter for the squash

Dried mixed herbs

Dried parsley

1 Sprig Fresh thyme

Salt & Pepper to Season

You gotta get even the husband to help. Them squashes need strong hands😅


1.Preheat oven to 180degrees / 350F/ Gas 4

2.Place Squashes on an oven tray, scoop out seeds and score the flesh finely. Once Scored, drizzle with oil or melted butter lightly then Season generously with dried mixed herbs, dried parsley,salt & pepper.

3.Place in oven and bake for 30-40minutes. Meanwhile, place the minced beef in a pan and begin frying on medium heat until browned. Add onions, garlic and Season with all the spices & dried mixed herbs on the list.

4.Add tomatoes and ensure they are cooked through. Add passata tomatoes, sprinkle the spring onion, add water and leave to simmer for 5-10minutes.

5.Once cooked place on the side.Check on the squashes, take out and begin mashing with a folk, place back in oven and repeat process until the entire flesh is cooked through a mashed up.

6.Take out the squashes out of the oven, scoop the cooked minced meat and fill up the squashes. Sprinkle the cheese and return to oven for 10-15minutes until the cheese has melted and the filling is browned on top.

7.Take out a serve while hot, with salad (take extra care as it can be excessively hot)