Second Guest Bedroom Transformation!

Firstly, I apologise for using my food blog for my lifestyle posts. After all I don’t get much traffic when I post my food posts, so I’m not going to go through all the trouble of opening another blog specifically for my lifestyle page!! I am going to use this blog for both pages!! That’s just it.

Looking a lot nicer

After moving in 3weeks ago, it’s been hectic but exciting as everything is now beginning to fall slowly into place.

After mounting the bed

Just to show you how I transformed my second Guest Bedroom into a little space of warmth ness and coziness. I went for black, grey & white because initially those are the colours i wanted for that room specifically. When I got the bed 4months ago, I thought the small double was going to be too big for the room. Surprising it turned out to be spacious once we mounted the bed and there’s still room for two bedside cabinets, a small bedroom chair & a chase of drawers.

Temporary measures!! Hated these colours

There’s something about this room that makes me feel so peaceful and calm! I am definitely going to use it as my prayer room. I really love this room.

Final look

So I added some nice cute cushions to add a bit of luxury and I added a huge black throw that is so velvety and soft together with a grey fur blanket.

Added a fur mat, a black leather poof and some body wash & lotion to make my guest feel at home!! Now waiting to hang up a mirror at the top of headboard , add the bedside tables, a bedroom chair and a much bigger rug. Will bring an update once I’ve bought those and added them to the room. So don’t go to far… How’s that?