The thought of going to eat out always brings an amazing feeling and so much excitement. Every time we all have plans to eat out, we look forward to it and really cannot wait to sit down and dine. And as the menu is handed to us, we excitedly go through it and pick a dish that obviously will be to our liking at that particular time.


Needless to say, most of us ,hardly stop to think about the state of the kitchen this seemingly delicious food is coming from, or how this plate of food in front of us has been prepared. I decided to write up this blog and share a bit of what I have experienced & observed in my journey of the food industry.

  1.  The longer the food takes to come out of the Kitchen is almost a good sign that its being cooked from fresh

Ever sat in a restaurant and ordered food and annoyingly,the food takes longer to come. Or someone who ordered food after you is served before you. Most of us tend to almost get so annoyed as we’d expect to be served first.But does it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, you’ve ordered a dish that is cooked from fresh unlike your neighbour who probably ordered pasta that had to be shoved in the microwave and plomped on the plate. So next time you order food and it’s taking long, just assure yourself that the Chef is doing as much as they can to get you a good plate of food.


2. Dishes to avoid ordering when you go to Restaurants (unless if you don’t mind microwave food)

Some pastas, curries, lasagnas, pies. Most of these ,unless if you are eating maybe in a Michelin starred restaurant or those restaurants that are dedicated at certain dishes for example pasta houses then just know you are possibly eating food cooked in some Industry in Yorkshire then delivered ready to pop in the microwave for 4minutes and its ready to serve. 95% of these dishes are delivered frozen and stored frozen. Until they are taken out to be thawed, and once a ticket comes in requesting an order for say a curry. It’s popped in the microwave and voila, the food is on its way to you.


3. Foods to opt for when you  eat out

Grills; Steaks, Whole Fish or Fish fillets Salmon, Seabass) Fish and Chips,Platters like wings, seafood platters, Chicken , Salads, Some Soups, Chicken Burgers. Those are some of the freshly cooked foods in most restaurants. You can’t necessarily prepare a steak or fish in advance and after all ,these are the dishes that channel in more profits so they have no choice but to make them as fresh as possible to encourage sales.


4.If you love the Food, Always leave a TIP

Think of those Saturday evenings when you and your friends visit the restaurant. You all order food and even start from a starter to a main and in some cases dessert. Those chefs, even if they get paid a wage, 99.999% they are working so much under pressure, their feet numb from standing for long hours, literally being baked while standing by the grill flipping steaks and burgers. It’s not an easy job, its hardwork working weekends until very late and even until midnight and all a chef in that kitchen once to do is get you your food as soon as they can. So next time you enjoy a good meal, remember to drop that tip😊.

5. No need to get the children food from the Kids Menu all the time

Kids menu can be so so plain and boring and very very simple. Sometimes I feel that Kids menus can be unhealthy too because the fish fingers and nuggets are normally packed with preservatives and are deep fat fried. So next time you eat out, maybe try and order off the adults menu and ask them to make it into kid’s portion.Dishes like bangers & mash, or fish fillets with mash and vegetables are very nutritious and healthy for kids.