Cooking Like A Newly Married Wife
When I came up with this blog post, I was just getting out my ingredients to make a nice midweek dinner, something to really mesmerise our taste buds tonight. Then I thought to myself, I want to cook this dinner like a newly married wife.

Think of it this way, a newly married woman, has energy of five horses, everything she does is to please her newly acquired husband😅,  just for him to be completely certain that the choice he made, was the best one.A newly married woman, cooks, cleans and even takes care of her home like she’s in a palace and she’s serving her king. Having said that, I am not saying only newly married women are capable of doing these things, i chose the example of a newly married woman because I vividly remember in the first 2-3years of our marriage, I did everything by the book, I never slacked, I was never tired and I was always on the ball.

After a few years, let’s face it guys, all of us at some point, we get a little tired, a little lazy, a little procrastination creeps in and we start slacking bit by bit. To tell you the truth, I am a foodiest, I love everything food, I love cookery shows, I love going into Morrisons and just stare at their fresh vegetable section as it mists up and I get so excited and amused, but inspite of being a food lover , I have days were I do not want to get into the kitchen. I will sit there and think of all the things I can make but I just can’t get myself to get up and get cooking. Yes, I have my lazy days, even though they are few than my ‘on the ball’ days, when those lazy days creep in, they hit me big time.

Believe it or not, they are men who also stand in the kitchen every week cooking dinners for their families, I applaud those men and kudos to the women who have set out those standards because on the other hand, they are also men, who will not get up to make a cup of tea, let alone fry an egg even though they are extremely hungry. But if you are like me,who’s husband only stands in the kitchen 2-3 times in a whole month, then this post might be for you.

I have put together a few tips on how to always be ‘on the ball’ and how to have more days that you cook like a newly married wife.

1. Always plan your meals ahead
Whether you love following recipes or you do the same recipes week in week out, always plan out which meal you are making on which day. For me. I tend to stick to different but easy meals during the week then on the weekends I’m busy cooking oxtail, cowfoot or other dinners that take longer to prep. If standing on the cooker everyday takes a toll on you, you can always resort to cooking large pots of stews and freeze in freezer to microwave containers. Things like beans, stews, curries are great eaten a day or two later as they tend to taste a hundred times better. But if you have a husband or family who won’t eat leftovers and only prefer fresh food then you might need to only stick to the following tips.

2. Prepare some meats in Advance 

If you do not mind, try buying your meat & poultry in bulk. For poultry you can always prepare and marinate before freezing. You can also include fish or chops, that you marinate & season and freeze so they are ready to cook and you will not have to start scratching your head during busy weekdays on what to make .  For stewing beef cuts, always cut your meat into cubes or pieces that you prefer, then freeze , that way, if you get home you can either thaw it or just pop it frozen in a big pot and let the cooker do the job.For marinated frozen poultry it’s a matter of just leaving out to defrost then layer on a lined oven tray and roast in the oven.
3. Cut, Chop & Slice Vegetables in Advance

For vegetables like, collards, cabbages and onions, you can simply chop, slice and freeze in advance. Although at times, freezing onions can take away that fresh onion flavour from your dishes, it is really optional but for vegetables like kale and other collards it doesn’t make no difference at all. You can do the same with fruits, for smoothies, chop, bag and freeze for use on days when you are extremely busy.

4. Follow inspirational Cooks, Chefs Food bloggers on social media, youtube or on the telly

Trust me, during those days when I’m lazy and feeling demotivated, I find myself scrolling through some food pages on Instagram or Facebook. I just seem to get a whole new fresh stream of energy and instantly i’m already itching to make something. A few of the many celebrity chefs and food bloggers that I follow are Kesskravings, FoodsbyRicky , Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, Sisi Jemimah and I truly get inspired. At times just watching cookery YouTube videos or cookery shows on telly just makes me be ‘on the ball’.

So there you have it, a few tips to get you cooking like a ‘newly married wife’.

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