Detox Waters, Healthy Meal Plans and Exercise

I have been struggling with my weight for 7years now and the worst part of it is how I go back and forth trying to be health then fall off the band wagon shamefully. And being a food blogger and a Chef in training, I really need to nip it in the bud otherwise it will be another story. So I started applying little changes in my lifestyle and fingers crossed I will be consistent till my goal weight of 75kgs.
I have however put together some great ideas to help those like me who want to make changes or have a lifestyle change. I hope this helps. Always weigh yourself before you begin your lifestyle change as this will motivate you once the pounds start shedding off.

1. Lemon Water

First thing in the morning, have a mug/ glass of warm lemon water. Apparently it helps kick start your metabolism getting it ready for the day. Always make sure you wash down with fresh clean water after as the lemon water is acidic and tends to affect your teeth causing enamel erosion which leads to dental caries ( I am a sedation nurse by the way, we don’t want those pretty pearly whites decaying🤓)

Lemon Water

2. Breakfast

Breakfast can be oats, fruits with yoghurt or a smoothie. They are a few choices there but I normally choose millet porridge as it keeps me so full for long hence I will not be hungry until midday to lunch.

finger millet porridge
green apple , spinach and lime juice smoothie

3. Lunch

For lunch, a great salad with chicken or fish always does it for me. I love my salads and if I feel like I’m craving for something sweet, I tend to add fruits in my salads as that helps. However nothing beats my raw broccoli and carrots with organic hummus.I love that combo and to be fair I even have it for breakfast at times, that’s how much I love it.

Fresh salad, avocado and chicken skewers

4. Drinking Water

Throughout the day drinking lots of water helps to flush out toxins from our system as we all know. We always laugh at work as we always have a competition on who finishes their 2L of water before 3pm. However you are meant to sip the 2L of water throughout the day instead of gobbling it all down your throat at once

5. Detox water

Instead of plain water, jazz up your water with fruits, lemon and limes and create Detox Water. You basically need a large bottle and clean water, slice up your lime, cucumber, lemon, mint and strawberries and add to the water and let it rest overnight then sip it throughout the day. Again always flush down with plain water to wash off acid from your teeth. One of my favourite detox water normally has lots of crushed ginger, lemon, mint and orange slices. So refreshing and a powerful way to cleanse your system from impurities.

detox water

6.Meal Planning
To make it easy and to avoid falling off the band wagon during dinners in the week, I have put together several meals that you can prepare in advance at the beginning of the week and can be frozen and heated when ready to eat. All you need is buy your freezer to microwave containers. Select a day on which you will plan your meals, do your shopping and prepare your meals.

my weekly meals preps




Spiralised Courgette


Brown Rice

Mixed veg


Boiled eggs

I have mix matched the ingredients so that the meals are not the same everyday. Eating the same food every day will put you off and tend to send you reeling back into bad eating habits. And always make sure you have a portion of carbs with your meals. My lecturer at University was sharing sometime ago that, when we eat healthy and cut off carbs, we hardly think about the effects of that on our brain or our mental being. Of course your body looses the weight but remember you have to also maintain a healthy state of mind to be able to live a fulfilled healthy lifestyle. So always remember this next time you cut carbs completely  from your meals🤔.

raw broccoli with hummus

7. Exercise

To help shift that weight off you will need some form of exercise. Running, Jogging or walking are great forms of cardio and can really have great results if you are consistent. Start by walking even 30minutes daily then proceed to jogging and running until you start building up your speed. I started waking up at 5:30am doing 4km and am currently cracking 8km aiming for 15km soon and doing it daily. I was feeling tired and exhausted all the time until I started running. I just feel so refreshed and happier.

happy feet

I hope this will inspire you if you’ve been wondering how to start this weight loss journey. Wish me and you the best!!