Sadza is the staple food of Zimbabwe. It is made from Maize which belongs to the corn family only that maize is white in colour, not sweet and the grains can be larger than that of yellow corn. Once the cobs are ready, they are left in the field to dry up then later harvested. The grains are separated from the cobs (kutokonora) and placed in sacks then stored in barns

Fresh Maize Cobs

The grains are then taken to the millers where they are grinded into a powdery consistency or more like flour but a slightly course. This is referred to as mealie meal or maize meal.This mealie meal is then used to make Sadza.

Here is a simple Sadza recipe

Sadza Recipe
4 cups water

2½ cups white mealie meal


1.Bring about cups of the water to a boil in a large pot.

2.Combine 1½ cups of the mealie meal  with the remaining 1 cup water.

3.Reduce heat to medium to low and add the mealie meal mixture to the boiling water, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until it starts bubbling or simmering.Let Cook for about 10-15 minutes

4.After 10-15minutes start adding the remaining 1 cup of mealie meal mixing well (kumona) with the wooden spoon (mugoti)

5.The mixture should be smooth, slightly shiny and thin once done. Reduce heat to the lowest then replace lid and leave to simmer until it starts to pull away from the sides of the pan. Mix again with a wooden spoon then transfer to a serving bowl or plate.

6.Use a wooden spoon to shape the mixture into a round shape.

How to Shape/Mould Sadza 

There are different ways to shape/ Mould Sadza. If you are like me who loves a nicely arranged plate of food then this post is for you. Always make sure your dinner plates are heated before serving food at all times as this will keep your food warm as you eat. Here we go: 

1. Using small cereal bowls

Make sure your bowls are clean and rinse with water and do not dry. Spoon piping hot Sadza into the bowl, using a wooden spoon press Sadza slightly into the bowl then tip upside down onto the dinner plate and serve immediately.

2. Using Wooden Spoons or Ladles 

Soak the wooden spoon in water in a small bowl. Whilst  Sadza is still piping hot, scoop Sadza on dinner on one

side then roll it using the wooden spoon to the other side, add relish and serve immediately. If you decide to use the ladle, rinse the ladle in water then using it, scoop Sadza and using a knife, remove any excess, press with a spoon then upside down on to the dinner plate.

3. Using Food Molds

In Culinary School to shape anything from mash, rice or polenta we use molds as they give food a great finish with sharp smooth edges. These can also be used for Sadza and they have perfect results. You can buy these online, eBay or Amazon. They come in different shapes and you can simply choose any shape that suits you. They are so easy to use. Whilst Sadza is piping hot, rinse the ring mold and the presser in water, then on a dinner plate, position the mold and scoop Sadza using a spoon then using the mold lid/presser, press Sadza tightly into the mold, this is to ensure a smooth finish and even product. Whilst still pressing, remove the ring mold carefully and voila there is your neatly shape Sadza.

4. Using Cling Film

Once your Sadza is ready and piping hot, cut out a large enough piece of cling film. Lay it flat on your kitchen surface then spoon Sadza onto the cling film. Gather the corners of the film and twist them until tight, the Sadza will be molded by the film into s nice smooth ball. Immediately untwist the film then place Sadza on to the dinner plate with the twisted side down. Serve immediately, I can assure you it will still be very hot by then.

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