Chicken and Salad wraps are always a win on picnics.

Summer is finally here and there’s no better way to spend it or enjoy it than being outdoors and taking in every bit of it.Instead of spending the entire day stuck indoors watching football or following those unending monotonous TV programs, why not head out and relax and catch some fresh air? Kids really love outdoors and keeping them in during Summer is really unfair as they seem to be locked indoors anyway during the long winter season here in England.

Whether you love picnics, bbqs , road trips or beach side / poolside activities you will definitely be considering some good food to go with your plans.Here i have incorporated a few ideas particularly for picnics which I think will still work with whatever outdoor activities you will be engaging in.

Butter and Maple Sesame Ribs

Some years back I got my girls to come out for a picnic. We organised a bring and share and I also went on to bring along a disposable bbq tray and had marinated some ribs, pork chops and had some sausages. We spread our blanket sat in a park and had lots of fun just basking in the sun, and our bbq sizzling away. My friends had never thought of the idea and they thoroughly enjoyed it esp the bbq idea. All I’m trying to say is, you really don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy yourself, little things nicely put together wil make a big difference.

Freezits or Ice lollies are a great bring along to picnics

So please pack your Picnic Basket, Grab your picnic blanket get the food and drinks into the cooler boxes lets roll outta here!!!

The first idea for a perfect picnic are these Pineapple Bowls filled with rice, stew and fish. I just carried some small food warmers that kept the food warm until serving time. After long walks and basking in the sunshine we were so hungry and we basically digged in alongside cool water bottles.

Pineapple Bowls filled with Rice &Peas,Zim-Style beef stew and Grilled Fish

Another perfect idea for picnics or outdoor activities is this fruit board. You basically slice your favourite fruits and place them in containers then store in a cooler box to keep your fruits fresh and cool. Once you want to serve them, just spread them out on a board or mat or platter and let those tiny and big hands tuck in. These are perfect even for little fussy eaters as they get to join in as they see everyone doing the same.

Fruit Mat or Fruits on a board

Kebabs are also a favourite for many while picnicking. Adding these to you picnic baskets will get you so many thank yous as they are a definite treat. To make it extra special you can marinate them beforehand then lit those portable or disposable bbq trays and slowly cook them basting them with some sauce. I swear these are finger-licking good.

Chicken Kebabs are a favourite on picnics

Another perfect picnic idea is this tandoori chicken. It can never be a good enough picnic without a good old piece of chicken. The good thing about chicken is you can eat it hot or cold and especially if it has been grilled. Just remember to either make it on the day and wrap it and store in a very cool area if travelling for s longer distance and if the temperatures are soaring.

Tandoori drumsticks

Lastly on my list is this decandant cornbread of mine!! A little cake or bread always goes a long way on picnics. This will go well with whatever you will be eating on your picnic. Did you know that the Americans eat cornbread alongside their savoury dinners? Yes in the same plate too. So this cornbread is just perfect to add to your basket as its not too sweet and it tends to keep you fuller for longer due to the yellow cornmeal used when baking it.

So start planning your picnic now and let the kids help you as they love that. And please do not leave the Daddies behind they tend to be do reluctant but end up enjoying it more than anyone else.