Mazondo with Tsunga
Mazondo with Tsunga

A traditional Zimbabwean dish that is enjoyed with Sadza . It consists  of Stewed Cowfoot mixed with Mustard Greens. The combination of the two brings out the authentic traditional flavours that were enjoyed with our ancestors many years ago.

During those years, refined mealie meal was not common, so they would serve this relish with nugaiwa which is the term used for unrefined white maize mealie meal or sadza remhunga, rerukweza or rezviyo.

In those years, food was shared among family members equally except that, the father of the house (the head of the family) was given a bigger portion than that of the rest of the family. Dinner times were very important as all the family members had to gathere or be present to enjoy dinner as a whole. Sharing of food was very significant as sadza was put in one plate and the relish in another plate and the children of that family would eat from that one plate, except the parents. Nowadays, dinner times have changed drastically in such that, families do not gather to eat together due to work commitments and lifestyle change. In other cases members of the family will be eating different kind of meals at the same time, because they do not fancy the same foods. Because of a change in lifestyle and also the use of technology, some members of the family enjoy dinner while on the phone, watching television or on their mobile phones which has affected the unity of families at some extent.

Our ancestors had their ways that were structured in such a way that it brought families together and there was always that oneness and that special bond.